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New Americans in Northwest Arkansas: A Qualitative Community Assessment

This community assessment compiles two years of the Cisneros Center's original research on the experiences of New Americans, service providers, and regional leaders in Northwest Arkansas. This report can offer insights to practitioners and researchers in communities undergoing similar adaptations to demographic change.

Demographic Profile: Northwest Arkansas

This profile of the Northwest Arkansas region draws on Census data to give insight into the demographic composition of both the native-born and foreign-born population. This data can be used to guide appropriate community efforts to create a welcoming region where all members have equal opportunity.

Demographic Change & Emerging Gateways in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography summarizes eight articles and reports on the topic of demographic shift in the United States and some of the effects of this shift on receiving communities. We hope this brief review will prove useful to practitioners and researchers whose work focuses on immigrant populations and receiving communities in communities that, like Northwest Arkansas, are daily being reshaped by immigration patterns.

Educational Attainment and Language Acquisition for New Americans: An Annotated Bibliography

Our education system has an enormous role to play in addressing barriers New American students and parents face to integration. This annotated bibliography gives a synopsis of seven reports on the topic of immigrant groups and their educational outcomes. Several reports propose methods for addressing barriers to quality education that New American families contend with. We hope this annotated bibliography will be useful to researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and improve the state of education for New Americans.

18 Months in Northwest Arkansas

Download this overview of the achievements and activities of the Cisneros Center in its first 18 months in Northwest Arkansas.

Partnership Development Guide

Addressing complex challenges, including immigrant integration, often requires bringing people together to form novel and effective partnerships. This step-by-step guide for organizations and communities offers resources and best practices for establishing and maintaining partnerships.

Economic Growth & Workforce Development: An Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography summarizes ten reports and articles on the topic of immigration and its impact on receiving regions’ economies and the United States’ domestic workforce. The following texts outline the effects of our aging native-born population, the business case for immigration reform, and the economic impact that immigrant workers have had on localities across our country. Our hope is that this information will be helpful to those in search of the facts necessary to dispel pervasive false beliefs about the effects of immigration on our national prosperity.

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