Why I Joined the Cisneros Center


Alexis Fisher

National Intern, Fall 2015

When I was a little girl, I won the lottery.

I remember it clearly- I was sitting in class with my chin propped on my hand, looking intently at a world map as my teacher gave a brief explanation of the world’s borders. I ran my eyes from Chicago to Ireland, Ireland to Germany, and Germany to the Philippine islands. My eyes slid across oceans and mountains so that they could rest where my ancestors once did- and I laughed. What a slim chance, that my predecessors would travel thousands of miles and happen to meet so that one day I might live! (Your definition of a lottery winner might differ from mine but if this story isn’t a mastery of chance, then I don’t know what is!).

The day I discovered the unlikelihood of my own diversity was the day I found my passion for the human experience.

That others might travel here and one day have a history as colorful as a bowl of melted crayons was the pinnacle of beauty and, for me, joining the Cisneros Center team was to join in an effort to help build stories like my own.

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