Why I Became an American Dream Leader

Jessica Ramirez

American Dream Leader Spring 2016


Becoming an American Dream Leader for the Cisneros Center for New Americans has been a great opportunity for me to grow and learn. My interest in the community, immigration, and diversity has led me to this internship. Since becoming an American Dream Leader, I have already had wonderful experiences and met a number of inspiring individuals. I love knowing that there are so many people that care and work towards making our community members feel more welcome and more at home. For me, immigrant integration is having immigrants accepted in society. Acceptance comes from the population, institutions, and services. Cultural acceptance is also a very important aspect of immigrant integration.

Immigrant integration is important for my community because everyday new people are joining our community. We are constantly growing. It is important to be aware of the problems and disadvantages that newcomers have when they move into a new society. For the community to become better, we must all work towards immigrant integration and make our community a little easier to live in and to adapt to for newcomers. I hope to be able to help my community move towards immigrant integration through my internship at the Cisneros Center for New Americans. I’m very excited for what this internship holds for me in the future.

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