Reflecting on my time at the Cisneros Center

Alexis Fisher

National Intern 2015 - 2016


The Cisneros Center for New Americans impresses upon those not experiencing immigration a new perspective. Because apathy is more common than not, it is all too easy to see making a difference in a community as a Sisyphean task when you aren't privy to the work being done or the help being provided.

In the past six or so months that I have interned at the Center, the overall goal of our efforts in all of the interviews we shared was to put a face and story behind the people who are working to better their community. Some stories featured followed the raw journeys of immigrants as they made the decision to migrate, what made them stay, and how they’ve fared since. Other stories featured compassionate people devoting all they could to helping others. On the deepest level even though I have been tucked away in D.C., I have developed a fathomless appreciation for the immigrant experience and the work being done in these communities. Each story chips away at the apathetic armor some may harbor. It has been an honor to listen and transcribe each blog post.

I am extremely thankful to The Center and the opportunities it has provided. As I say farewell (but never goodbye!) to the Cisneros Center, I am humbled and proud of the small part I played because the work being done is work to be proud of.

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