Following my Passion

Jacquelyn Poquette

American Dream Leader Spring 2016


A value that has stuck with me throughout my life is the ability to connect with others and learn about their life experiences. I consider myself a strong listener, which is a characteristic that I thoroughly enjoy. Offering a helping hand is also an important value that has been ingrained in my very being. An able individual who is present in a time when support is needed should offer that support, especially for one another in their community. I feel like this desire for helpful action and interaction with others has been a crucial component in where I find myself going in life, and that is why the Cisneros Center for New Americans excited and intrigued me. I think my insatiable itch for learning, my compassion for others, and being able to mesh both in this internship is what really drew me to the Center.

The American Dream Leaders program created the opportunity to work within the local and immigrant community as well as with other leaders who have the same incredible passion and drive, which I was very ecstatic to have the chance to be a part of. Over the course of this program I do not doubt the possibility of being faced with challenges, and in many ways I am looking forward to them, because that is where I know I will learn best, and those outcomes will provide me with the ability to keep growing as an individual. I know that the work accomplished throughout my time with the Center and with the American Dream Leaders will create another step towards providing the help and support that should be given to all New Americans.

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