EngageNWA Welcomes Community Advisers


The Cisneros Center has been a proud member and leader within the EngageNWA Partnership for nearly a year. This month February was a particularly important moment as the Immigrants from Abroad Pillar of the coalition welcomed new faces, languages and perspectives to the coalition in the form of Community Advisers.

EngageNWA is a joint partnership between The Jones Trust and the Northwest Arkansas Council, with additional support coming from founding partners Walmart and Tyson Foods, and a variety of educational, municipal, consultancy, nonprofit and individual community member partners throughout the region. EngageNWA works to position Northwest Arkansas as a robust region of global talent where new and established residents alike are more fully engaged and acculturated into the community.

The Immigrants from Abroad (IFA) pillar is one of three areas of focus within the Partnership and represents over 60 non-profit, corporate and individual member voices. It is a coalition that recognizes the large and growing community of international students, families and workers relocating to Northwest Arkansas and understands the need to identify and address ways to develop and build a more inclusive and desirable region for newcomers. The Pillar celebrates and builds on the unique perspective members bring, based on their personal and institutional experience. It is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds that respect each other's differences and use them to accomplish collective goals for Northwest Arkansas.


Recognizing the true potential of the EngageNWA Partnership to catalyze regional change, the Immigrants from Abroad Pillar sought out new members to serve as Community Advisers. Community Advisers are local leaders that represent the many cultures in Northwest Arkansas and have perspective to share from their own - or their family's - experience of migration. Community Advisers are the heart of our work, giving the Coalition the perspective it needs to make real and lasting advances for diversity in the region.

This month's meeting was the largest to date for the Immigrants from Abroad Pillar, welcoming in near 45 fresh perspectives. The agenda for the gathering had 2 main objectives: to introduce like-minded but greatly diverse community members to the work of the coalition, while drawing on individuals' unique backgrounds to generate new ideas for addressing local challenges.


Dozens of idea-laden sticky notes and questions later, the Immigrants from Abroad Pillar is ready to move forward with concrete plans for action. The Cisneros Center is honored to be an integral part of this process, with deep respect for the community members who continue to volunteer their time and hearts to the EngageNWA mission.

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